A bud wichers documentary on young kurds and their battle against al qaeda and the islamic state

Wed, 05 Oct First, a brief recap of events leading up developments in the last couple of days. The September 9th ceasefire failed because the U.

A bud wichers documentary on young kurds and their battle against al qaeda and the islamic state

A cornerstone of the The United States of America's central-government policy from late September 'till The 'War on Terror' is not a war in the conventional sense, but is the collective name given to the US government's attempts — with the help of the US's various allies and participating multi-national organizations, including NATO and the UN — to prevent small groups of private individuals from killing its citizens.

The 'war' has brought out the uglier side of the US government, given its willingness to use morally dubious means — chiefly the torture, indefinite imprisonment, and execution of mostly foreign suspects without trial — and actively kill thousands of other countries' citizens to save her own.

Given the nebulous nature of the 'war', it's hard to say when if ever it'll end. The Pakistani Constitution also does not allow Pakistani governments to give permission for foreign governments to kill people within Pakistan - though it can use the police to deport people from the country if so asked and the constitution does not force Pakistan to declare war against a power which does so.

The first the Pakistani government heard of the assassination was when the police found a crashed U. The USA apparently had reason to fear that senior Pakistani officials had known bin Laden's position for some time, meaning there was a possibility that they would tip him off if they knew the USA could kill him.

As it was the Pakistani government did draw public attention to the illegality of the act commando raid into the USA's old Cold War Ally-turned-distant-friend Pakistan inwas seen by some as a sign of the war winding down.

Bush had persevered a little longer. Some have said that this illegal war made a mockery of the U. At the time the USA tried to justify their war by noting that Iraq had violated the agreements it had made with the U.

Given this, the country's future will be decided by whoever can direct and profit from the flow of the trade — be it warlords as it was before the Talibana resurgent Taliban, or drug lords working in collusion with a weak but hopefully strengthening democratic government that serves their interests.

Iraq's civil disorder took a turn for the worse inhowever, and became a full-blown Civil War between the Shiite south and the Sunni north, where the latter rebelled against the Shiite-dominated government put into place by the US occupation.

The north also merged after a fashion with eastern Syria, also embroiled in its own Civil War.

A bud wichers documentary on young kurds and their battle against al qaeda and the islamic state

Although its real end seems far-off, and its nominal end has come and gone, it's hard to say when exactly it started. Bush to actively declare a 'War on Terror', attacks on the USA's citizens and public servants had actually been happening for a while by that point.

In fact the 'Al Qaida' organization declared war on the USA as early asand some of the people who were later involved with that group were making unofficial attacks on the USA as early as and the New York World Trade Center bombing. However, very few people died in these and under Bill Clinton 's Presidency efforts to curtail terrorist activity were largely successful.

Other attacks included one on the U. Cole and various US embassies dotted about the Middle East.

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Compare with Defcon Fivewhich has more clearly defined, though ignorantly inverted readiness levels. Contrast with The Vietnam Warfor the USA's last experience of 'a-symmetric warfare', with a much more impressive death-toll at some ten-plus times greater to boot.

This year brought two major events that would totally reshape the Middle East: In both Afghanistan and Iran, the long-reigning monarchs would be deposed, but by differing parties and with differing results. In Afghanistan, Mohammad Zahir Shah was overthrown in a coup by his cousin, the Prime Minister Mohammad Daoud Khanwho took advantage of rising resentment against the country's economic conditions to secure power.

The People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan had been growing in popularity, owing to the nation's high levels of income inequality and the influence of the neighboring Soviet Union.

A bud wichers documentary on young kurds and their battle against al qaeda and the islamic state

The new republic was fraught with internal issues including mounting opposition both the far left in the PDPA, and from conservatives who saw the new modernizing reforms as a threat to their traditional Islamic way of life.

The government cracked down on both, arresting and murdering tens of thousands of dissenters. A low-level insurgency had been ongoing in the country at least since Daoud took over, but it exploded with the PDPA's takeover. Communists, mutineers, and Islamists all turned their guns on the government.

The largest faction of insurgents was the Mujahideen, a collective of many different Islamic extremist groups. Many of these groups were initially supported by Pakistan, who had a negative relationship with Afghanistan due to the Pashtun peoples being split across their borders.

The split of the Pashtuns between the two countries is an enduring problem. In the first American agents started to enter Afghanistan and meet with Islamist resistance fighters in an effort to start a proxy war. The reasons for this were many: The move only drove the country further into chaos, as his impromtu coup resulted in greater opposition to the government.

The Soviets had favored Taraki and saw Amin as an unstable variable, so with a full on civil war brewing in the country, the Soviets intervened. The Soviets set up a new puppet government, but opposition was already mounting. Meanwhile, in Iran, the long-reigning monarch of the country, Muhammad Reza Pahlavi Shah, was overthrown by a coalition of dissenting elements.

The shah had faced mounting internal opposition for decades, with one of the stronger voices coming from the exiled Islamic cleric Ruhollah Khomeini.Thousands of young Kurdish women have taken up arms to protect their people against attacks from Bashar Assad’s government, ISIS militants and the al Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front.

Photojournalist Erin Trieb reports on the Women’s Protection Unit, a Kurdish military group. Social Issues And Information Technology Free communication technology a bud wichers documentary on young kurds and their battle against al qaeda and the islamic state papers.

The current role Syrian Kurds have had in stopping the Islamic State have brought the Kurdish question in Syria back to center stage. The military success the Kurds have experienced against the Islamic State has led to the creation of a semi-autonomous Kurdish region in Syria.

Jun 04,  · The Kurds are one of the world's largest peoples without a state, making up sizable minorities in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Their history is marked by marginalization and persecution.

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Jun 01,  · Who are the Kurds? Short documentary about the Kurds! Support the Kurds and a free Kurdistan! Kurdistan = eastern Turkey, western Iran, northern Iraq, northern Syria.

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