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History[ edit ] Opened inthe school was previously known as Granby Street High School, reflecting the street on which it is located. The twenty-four acre tract on which Granby was built was once part of the Talbot Plantation before the property was donated to the city by Winton W. The current principal of Granby High School is Dr.

About cctv essay

The Role of CCTV Surveillance Systems in Reducing Crime in Town Centres Introduction The use of closed — circuit television CCTV surveillance systems to curtail burgeoning crime rates in the United Kingdom has resulted in the rapid proliferation of such systems in almost all town centres in the country, making it practically ubiquitous.

The rapid proliferation of CCTV About cctv essay largely on account of the faith reposed in its ability to reduce crime by the government and the majority of its citizens. In the words of Alun Michael, Minister of State: Despite such overwhelming enthusiasm, critics have pointed out that there is little concrete scientific evidence that proves the positive effect of CCTV surveillance systems in reducing crime.

Therefore an evaluation of the exact role of CCTV in reducing crime in town centres is called for as it will provide a comprehensive analysis of the existing situation and help ascertain the future of such systems in the fight against crime. The cameras may be fixed or About cctv essay may literally have a roaming eye.

Nowadays, cameras have sophisticated features like pan, tilt and zoom which may be used as per the need.

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Images may thus be captured and stored and retrieved anytime in the future. The quality of the equipment used is a chief determinant of efficiency and outcomes.

It also follows that the more cameras are used the more security is afforded, as a larger area comes under scrutiny. Positioning is also important in providing maximum security. All these factors need to be taken under consideration while installing the CCTV surveillance system.

The efficient working of these systems is subject to variations. Sometimes the cameras are allowed to do the job as everything will be recorded and particular incidents can be viewed based on the offences that have been perpetrated.

At other times surveillance takes place round the clock and the monitored images are viewed constantly by hired staff or police operators. When incidents of crime are reported, police are able to rush to the scene as quickly as possible, and they will have access to pertinent information that will enable them to narrow down the list of suspects and give them a head start on the investigation.

In this respect, Gill and Hemming stress the importance of planning and design for purposes of maximum efficiency. The positioning of the cameras is vital, and it should be such that it allows for maximum coverage of the area that is under surveillance.

Due considerations must be given to lighting as otherwise, images are likely to be blurred and grainy making positive identification extremely difficult. The manner in which the system is operated also determines outcomes.

Operators must be trained to extract the best possible results from such a system and the element of human fallibility must be taken into consideration and sufficient measures must be taken to counter it.

CCTV had captured images of the toddler being led away by ten — year olds Thompson and Venables and in the aftermath of the killing the images sent shockwaves rippling through the world and strengthened the position of CCTV as a crime fighting tool.

About cctv essay

The images did little to prevent the heinous crime but it did prove useful in identifying the perpetrators. For the first time government officials as well as the majority of the populace sensed that CCTV could be a powerful weapon against crime.

And the muted arguments against its use on the grounds of civil liberty and a right to privacy were silenced. Before evaluating the effectiveness of CCTV in reducing crime, it is necessary to understand the theory behind its use.

This type of crime prevention is based on rational choice theory and assumes that the individuals most likely to commit crimes are the ones who believe that they can get away with it.

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Criminal recklessness is replaced by fear. Thus when used in this particular context, CCTV seeks to reduce the opportunity to commit crime and thereby deter the potential criminal, by increasing the chances of getting caught.Granby High School is a four-year comprehensive public high school in Norfolk, urbanagricultureinitiative.com high school is part of the Norfolk Public Schools system.

It is the only high school in the school division that offers an International Baccalaureate program. The building is located on historic Granby Street where the south end is at Downtown Norfolk and the north end where the beaches of Ocean View lie.

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