Anti racist writing assessment rubrics

Yet the months since then show no global warming at all.

Anti racist writing assessment rubrics

So far, the assignment has succeeded. I chalk this up to two things: Millennials and Becoming Tech-Savvy According to Pew ResearchTimeMTV Insightsand copious other recent publications and surveys, Millennials—or those born around through the end of the s—are the most technologically savvy people alive today.

They are, after all, the first generation to grow up with all things digital, able to access virtually anything with the touch or swipe of a button: Needless to say, when I considered requiring my students to create video essays for their primary projects, I was concerned.

After three years, this figure is still about the norm. After that, I do little else, instead forcing the students to decipher the rest of the assignment on their own. And for the most part, they do.

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Like anyone who is hard-pressed to create something by a specified deadline, Millennials can become tech-savvy. Different Projects, Same Grading System Given this basis, for the past three years I have required my media studies students to produce video essays.

For example, rather than composing a traditional written shot analysis i.

anti racist writing assessment rubrics

Similarly, my Cinema History students now explore and present to their classmates noteworthy moments in film history via the video essay. Finally, through the video essay, some of my Critical TV Studies students analyze one American television comedy from present using each of the three perspectives we cover in class: Sample projects embedded below.

Grading Rubrics and Assessing the Video Essay in the Media Studies Classroom | TEACHING MEDIA

Admittedly, these are altogether different types of video essays. This method of assessment serves at least three purposes. As instructors, we know that making successful arguments requires a series of steps brainstorming, thesis-crafting, research, writing, revisions, etc.

Students ought to be made aware of these realities too.


This is one reason my video essay rubrics are so detailed. Similarly, via my rubrics, students are reminded that their thesis statements should be easy to locate, arguable, and clearly stated, and furthermore, that their conclusions should not only sum up the project, but also ask the viewer to think further about the media text under consideration.

Indeed, a quick scan of one of my grade sheets reveals the rhetorical process. Sample Grade Sheet Rubric Second, detailed rubrics promote fairness and thus mercifully eliminate virtually all student grade complaints. Because each section or step of the assignment is given a point value—e.

Finally, although rubrics require a great deal of work upfront, they expedite the assessment process in the end. But once all of this is in place, the evaluation itself is relatively quick and painless not to mention that grading video essays is usually more entertaining than grading written ones.

Grading a five-minute video essay normally takes about minutes. This, however, has not been my experience. What they receive instead is one-page checklist asking them to compare their video essay and, sometimes, an attached written assignment with the numerous reminders and requirements listed on the sheet.

Facing the Achievement Gap

This checklist is essentially my grading rubric. In other words, my students are not going into this blindly. Click images to play video essays Shot analysis:Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Writing Assessment Ecologies: Teaching and Assessing Writing for a Socially Just Future, Asao B. Inoue asserts that this narrative is a result of widespread racism present in hegemonic writing assessments.

The Association of Research Libraries statistics for are comparable to the ALA numbers above and underscore the magnitude of the disparity for representation by race and ethnicity in research libraries.

17 These poor numbers are not unique to libraries; the statistics are similar in most institutions of higher education across the United States.

anti racist writing assessment rubrics

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