Edp auditing

The last few years have been an exciting time in the world of IT auditing as a result of the accounting scandals and increased regulation. IT auditing has had a relatively short yet rich history when compared to auditing as a whole and remains an ever changing field. The introduction of computer technology into accounting systems changed the way data was stored, retrieved and controlled.

Edp auditing

If your credit union has a web page, the e-Commerce Guide for Credit Unions and the FFIEC interagency Internet guidelines require your credit union's web site to comply with consumer compliance, advertising, notifications, Americans with Disability Act, and other federal regulations.

We have identified 17 federal regulations and over issues that relate to a credit union's web site. The implications of emerging electronic financial services, which includes your credit union's web site, could cause unwanted criticism from examiners as well as potential liability to your credit union, officers, and directors from civil money penalties and law suites.

Why should you use our web site auditing services?

Edp auditing

We are the nation's leading provider of web site auditing services for financial institutions. We have performed web site audits for more than six years.

Williams' 40 years of experience includes 21 years as an examiner. This experience brings you the examiner's perspective regarding e-Commerce issues.

Any such decision would be up to the credit union's management. View an animation outlining the steps of a Web Site Audit. The e-Commerce Guide for Credit Unions states in part "Credit unions should understand that many of the traditional compliance issues also apply to e-Commerce, including equal credit opportunity, electronic funds transfer, expedited funds availability, fair credit reporting, fair housing, real estate settlement and procedures, right to financial privacy, truth in lending, truth in savings, nondiscrimination, advertising, bank secrecy; and suspicious activity report filing.

For information about the different web site auditing options, pricing, company due diligence, etc. Or, please email Kinney Williams at examiner yennik.Handbook Of Edp Auditing Simonoff Accounting Series More references related to handbook of edp auditing simonoff accounting series California test prep common core.

EDP audit An analysis of an organization's computer and information systems in order to evaluate the integrity of its production systems as well as potential security cracks. See EDP auditor. On the basis of a survey of U.S.

undergraduate business schools and industry, a study defined the curricular content (knowledge and skills) in electronic data processing (EDP) and statistical sampling (SS) needed to prepare the accounting study to audit computerized accounting systems.

EDP (electronic data processing), an infrequently used term for what is today usually called "IS" (information services or systems) or "MIS" (management information services or systems), is the processing of data by a computer and its programs in an environment involving electronic communication.

Edp auditing

EDP Audit Manager: Also referred to as: IT Audit/Controls Manager Requirements and Responsibilities: Manages the auditing of data processing systems and operating procedures in accordance with established corporate standards for efficiency, accuracy, and security.

The employee in this class conducts detailed and complex audits of EDP activities to ensure program compliance, financial control, and computer effectiveness.

Work involves analyzing the experience equivalent to two years of professional auditing, systems analysis, computer systems.

Internal Auditing / Extended Day Program