Explain and describe the types of resources that you have available to meet the potential needs of y

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Explain and describe the types of resources that you have available to meet the potential needs of y

Learn how to identify community assets and resources, and how to engage them in the community change effort. What is a community asset? Why should you identify community assets?

Who should identify community assets? When should you identify community assets? How do you identify community assets? Every community has needs and deficits that ought to be attended to. Those assets and strengths can be used to meet those same community needs; they can improve community life.

So in this section, we will focus on identifying community assets and resources. Our definition is broad.

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A community asset or community resource, a very similar term is anything that can be used to improve the quality of community life. It can be a person -- Residents can be empowered to realize and use their abilities to build and transform the community.

The stay-at-home mom or dad who organizes a playgroup. The informal neighborhood leader. These are all community assets. It can be a physical structure or place -- a school, hospital, church, library, recreation center, social club. It could be a town landmark or symbol.

It might also be an unused building that could house a community hospice, or a second floor room ideal for community meetings. Or it might be a public place that already belongs to the community -- a park, a wetland, or other open space. It can be a community service that makes life better for some or all community members - public transportation, early childhood education center, community recycling facilities, cultural organization.

Explain and describe the types of resources that you have available to meet the potential needs of y

It can be a business that provides jobs and supports the local economy. You and everyone else in the community are potential community assets.Potential resources are the ones of which we have insufficient knowledge or we do not have the technology to exploit them at present.

On the basis of ownership, resources can be classified as individual, community, national, and international. Determination of the response time and capabilities of external resources will help you identify gaps between what you need and what is available.

Strategies should be developed to fill these gaps. The following external resources should be identified within plan documents. You should have a working logic model that identifies your desired outcomes, the resources and activities necessary to accomplish these outcomes, and a detailed list of the specific measures you will take to implement them.

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Economic resources. In economics a resource is defined as a service or other asset used to produce goods and services that meet human needs and wants. Economics itself has been defined as the study of how society manages its scarce resources. Classical economics recognizes three categories of resources, also referred to as factors of .

You've now got a territory to cover, some good questions that meet your needs, and a method for getting the answers. Good work. Now it's time to put your plan into practice and collect your data.

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