General paul von hindenburg essay

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General paul von hindenburg essay

His paternal lineage was considered highly distinguished and one of the most respected ancient noble families in Prussiaand ultimately Germany as a whole. His paternal grandparents were Otto Ludwig Fady Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg —18 Julythrough whom he was remotely descended from the illegitimate daughter of Count Heinrich VI of Waldeckand wife Eleonore von Brederfady d.

Hindenburg was also a direct descendant of Martin Luther and wife Katharina von Borathrough their daughter Margareta Luther.

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German Army This article does not contain any citations or references. Please improve this article by adding a reference. For information about how to add references, see Template: Paul von Hindenburg as a cadet in Wahlstatt After his education at Wahlstatt now Legnickie Pole and Berlin cadet schools, he was commissioned a lieutenant in Hindenburg was selected for prestigious duties: He was promoted to captain inmajor inlieutenant-colonel incolonel inmajor-general brigadier general in and lieutenant general major-general in Hindenburg remained in the army, eventually commanding a corps and being promoted to General of the Infantry equivalent to a British or US lieutenant-general ; the German equivalent to four-star rank was Colonel-General in Meanwhile, he married Gertrud von Sperling —also an aristocrat, by whom he had two daughters, Irmengard Pauline and Annemaria and one son, Oskar He was promoted to colonel-general general on 26 August.

Although historians such as G. Meyer attach much of the credit to Erich Ludendorff and to the then little-known staff officer Max Hoffmannthese successes made Hindenburg a national hero.

At the start of November Hindenburg was given the position of Supreme Commander East Ober-Ost — although at this stage his authority only extended over the German, not the Austro-Hungarian, portion of the front — and units were transferred from East Prussia to form a new Ninth Army in south-western Poland.

On 27 Novemberafter the Battle of LodzHindenburg was promoted to the rank of field marshal. A further battle was fought by the Eighth and newly formed Tenth Armies in Masuria that winter.

He was seen as the perfect embodiment of German manly honour, rectitude, decency and strength[ citation needed ]. The appeal of the Hindenburg cult cut across ideological, religious, class and regional lines, but the group that idolized Hindenburg the most were the German right who saw him as an ideal representative of the Prussian ethos and of Lutheran, Junker values[ citation needed ].

During the war, there were wooden statues of Hindenburg built all over Germany, onto which people nailed money and cheques for war bonds. Hindenburg in many ways served as the real commander-in-chief of the German armed forces instead of the Kaiser who had been reduced to a mere figurehead while Ludendorff served as the de facto general chief of staff.

From onwards, Germany became an unofficial military dictatorship, often called the "Silent dictatorship" [8] [9] by historians. In SeptemberLudendorff advised seeking an armistice with the Alliesbut in October, changed his mind and resigned in protest.

Ludendorff had expected Hindenburg to follow him by also resigning, but Hindenburg refused on the grounds that in this hour of crisis, he could not desert the men under his command.Paul Von Hindenburg's Impact on the Weimar Republic Essay example Words 9 Pages Paul Von Hindenburg was a renowned military and political leader for Germany; he is most notable for being a distinguished Field Marshal for the Imperial German Army during WWI, and being the second president of the Weimar republic.

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General paul von hindenburg essay

Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg was the most famous German commander to emerge from World War I. Along with Ludendorff, he oversaw the brilliant German successes on the Eastern Front in The Russian offensive forced the Germans to transfer forces from the attack on France.

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