Gun control in america today

And a time when then—California Governor Ronald Reagan signed legislation forbidding the carrying of loaded firearms in public. Before gun control became a progressive cause, it was a right-wing staple, and it was aimed squarely at the rights of African-Americans nationwide. The institution of slavery was written into the Constitution, but the rights of African-Americans to defend themselves was most certainly not, and concerns regarding slave revolts increased as the slave population rose.

Gun control in america today

Gun Control Laws You Must Know Share Current gun control laws in the United States are varied by state; federal level laws are most often very broad, widespread rules, as opposed to specific, nuanced, details rules on how guns are to be regulated.

Nonetheless, understanding the most important Gun control in america today gun control laws of today will be important for any who aim to become gun owners.

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This gun control law prohibits certain categories of individuals from possessing firearms. Some of the categories include convicted felons, fugitives from justice, unlawful drug users, and those who have been dishonorably discharged from the military.

This gun control law also prohibits people younger than 18 years old from "possessing handguns or handgun ammunition with certain exceptions for employment, target practice, education," and certain outlined defensive purposes. The Gun Control Act is also the first gun control law that set up Federal Firearms Licenses, for individuals and companies who wish to sell firearms.

This particular gun control law enforces the regulation of a number of types of firearms, including machine guns, short barreled rifles, short barreled shot guns, suppressors, and "destructive devices," which includes grenades, bombs, and the like.

In essence, the act ensures that these items will only be made by specifically licensed gun makers in America, and that their usage will generally, therefore, be curtailed.

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The Gun Control Act of built onto the regulations set up by this earlier gun control law, by stating that the firearms regulated by the NFA were illegal to import, unless there could be a clear and reasonable case made for those firearms being used for sport.

Thus, the two gun control laws together restrict these categories of weapons strongly, as they cannot be imported, and can only be made in America by specifically licensed companies.

This act required that those who would purchase guns be run through a background check before they be allowed to actually obtain a gun.

This is one of the most hotly contested gun control laws in recent memory, as it originally greatly increased the waiting period required for obtaining a gun; when the gun control law came out, there was no quick and easy way to perform a background check. Four years later, however, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, was developed, and is implemented for all background checks made to satisfy the requirements of this gun control law.

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The NICS system allows for background checks to take place often over the space of a single phone call. Should a request for a background check be placed, and no denial comes within three days, then the individual may purchase a firearm, even if the background check technically did not complete.

There are other gun control laws of significance, including a current proposed reinstatement of the ban on assault weapons which expired inbut the majority of these are likely to be state, not federal, laws, particular to your own home.

Gun control in america today

The previously mentioned laws are the most important federal gun control laws for gun purchasers.Afro American Newspapers/Gado/Getty Images Politics The (Really, Really) Racist History Of Gun Control In America The origin of gun control — and its impact on black Americans — is being forgotten.

Feb 21,  · As much as gun control advocates might wish otherwise, their attacks are running out of ammo.

With private firearm ownership at an all-time high . Nov 16,  · News about Guns and Gun Control, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. Gun-control advocates regularly cite Japan’s highly restrictive firearm regulations in tandem with its extraordinarily low gun-homicide rate, which is the lowest in the world at one in Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?

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The United States has guns per people, or about ,, guns, which is the highest total and per capita number in the world.

22% of Americans own one or more guns (35% of men and 12% of women). The totalitarian states can do great things, but there is one thing they cannot do: They cannot give the factory worker a rifle and tell him to take it home and keep it in his bedroom.

That rifle.

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