Highlighting the reasons why chinese is a language that is easy and fun to learn

While these are fairly broad assumptions, I assume that at least a part of these assumptions apply to you.

Highlighting the reasons why chinese is a language that is easy and fun to learn

Donovan Sharpe Donovan is a sexist son of a bitch who objectifies women by keeping them on their toes, their backs, and their knees where they belong.

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Primetime with Donovan Sharpe. Add him on Facebook and follow him on Instagram. As a military kid, I was fortunate to live a lot of different places at a young age. After college I continued my nomad-like existence before finally settling down on the west coast.

An obvious benefit of having lived in all four corners of the U. Location and upbringing creates a few differences between them, but by and large, chicks that are born and raised in the states are clones as far as sexual interaction goes.

However, the element that makes more of an impact than others is race. For example, in my experience white girls tend to be much more sexually open and experimental they do it allLatinas are fiery, passionate, and embrace their femininity more than most, and aesthetically speaking Asian women are among the thinnest across the board.

Most people who are honest with themselves know that black women have the lowest SMV of any female in the western hemisphere and maybe even the world.

Reasons for Learning

Plenty of men out there have a taste for them but the cruel reality of natural selection all but weeds them out of just about every pool of men with options. This was not a conscious choice.

It was just a natural progression in my development. The more my game level improved, the less attractive they became.

How do I know what she paid for them? She reminded me every chance she got and did so loudly and proudly. But living that far above your means is ridiculous.

Most girls like to have nice things, but black women are slaves to the almighty label and will make sure they get them at all costs…literally. Truth be told, I got tired of the daily label checks making sure I was wearing name brand this or that, as though I would shame the family name by sporting a generic pair of jeans I picked up at the thrift store.

Chalk it up to ego and common sense. Their extreme sluttiness I know, I know. Most girls in this country are sluts. This, like a lot of reckless female behavior, probably falls into the lack of self worth category. They feel the need to consistently prove to themselves and everyone else they are desirable as women so they sleep with more men.

This principle crosses all racial boundaries. The supply is diminishing by the day, but as of right now there are plenty of hungry and thirsty diners at the buffet. Fair enough but check this out: I was as beta as beta gets through my twenties but banging black girls was like taking candy from a baby.

I had zero game to speak of, yet I regularly fell ass backward into their panties quite easily.

Highlighting the reasons why chinese is a language that is easy and fun to learn

All of us here know that most chicks in this cesspool of a sexual market are more than liberal with their goodies. Just about all of them have kids Being a slut has consequences—namely, children. To make matters worse a lot of them have a lot more than just one or two.

Shit, even the educated ones with great jobs, nice cars, and living in nice neighborhoods who seemed to have their act together had a few whipper snappers running around. Their finances may or may not be limited, but surely they can pony up the change in their designer bags to avoid baggage that decreases their value as long-term partners.

Good luck with that. The PC media will blame this on targeted marketing of fast food, lack of nutritional options and education, lower income, or any number of excuses designed to take the focus away from personal discipline and responsibility but their excess body weight is a product of their laziness and lack of drive, as is the case with anyone who is grossly overweight.

They know good and well that no man with a healthy sexual desire is looking in their direction for that kind of action. Most western girls foolishly believe that acting like a man is attractive to men. Black women are no different but they take it to another level.

How I Learnt Nearly 600 Chinese Words in Just Two Weeks

They exude so much masculinity it overshadows any and all desirable qualities that may work in their favor. They want to project strength but their undisguised mannish tendencies are boner killers.

If they embraced femininity like their Latina counterparts they might actually surprise themselves with the growing amount of positive attention they start getting from the public in general, including men. One comment on a blog I read a while back summed this up pretty accurately:Top 10 Reasons to Learn a Language.

Top 10 Reasons to Learn a Language. Visit. Discover ideas about Learn Languages The super easy course which will help you to learn Spanish in a fun way. By the end of the course you will know about Spanish words.

中文好学 / It is easy to learn Chinese aprender chino para niños See more. Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends. As a military kid, I was fortunate to live a lot of different places at a young age. Before I was 18 I’d lived in nine different states and had been to many more.

Highlighting the reasons why chinese is a language that is easy and fun to learn

This is a post I've been wanting to write for a long time and I finally feel like I am able to to wax poetic on why I don't like living in Korea. Catherine, Great post!

Thanks for highlighting Luca and his great language ability on your blog. His methods are truly great for learning languages and they work extremely well. 98% of Flatiron School grads get a job with an ~$75k starting salary!

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