How is certainty possible

Certainty is defined as being free of doubt. In philosophy is there such a thing that we know without any doubt? Do we know anything with absolute certainty? Although we may believe to have genuine knowledge in some cases, there are other cases in which we do not know, but only think we know.

How is certainty possible

A contestant unconcerned about risk is indifferent between these choices. If too many contestants are risk averse, the game show may encourage selection of the riskier choice gambling on one of the doors by offering a positive risk premium.

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Finance[ edit ] In financea common approach for measuring risk premia is to compare the risk-free return on T-bills and the risky return on other investments using the ex post return as a proxy for the ex ante expected return.

The difference between these two returns can be interpreted as a measure of the excess expected return on the risky asset. This excess expected return is known as the risk premium. In the stock market the risk premium is the expected return of a company stock, a group of company stocks, or a portfolio of all stock market company stocks, minus the risk-free rate.

The return from equity is the sum of the dividend yield and capital gains. The risk premium for equities is also called the equity premium. This risk premium is an unobservable quantity since it is not known what the expected rate of return on equities is for the average market participant even though each individual participant knows their own expectation.

How is certainty possible

Nonetheless, most people believe that there is a risk premium built into equities, and this is what encourages investors to place at least some of their money in equities.

In the context of bondsthe term "risk premium" is often used to refer to the credit spread the difference between the bond interest rate and the risk-free rate.Scientists still do not know with any degree of certainty why the disease spread so quickly.

We cannot predict the outcome with absolute certainty.

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There was no certainty that the package would arrive in time. Her certainty about these complex moral issues is surprising. You think you might be a brain in a jar? Wow. Well, it is possible.

I suppose. I like the way you handled the question. Questions of historical events are difficult to be “certain” about, but when it comes to historical certainty, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is more “certain” than most other historical events.

Is certainty possible

Oct 18,  · Richard A. Posner retired as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7 th Circuit in He is a senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School.

How is certainty possible

punishment One of the most fundamental distinctions between civil and criminal law is in the notion of punishment.

criminal law In criminal law, a guilty defendant is punished by either (1) incarceration in a jail or prison, (2) fine paid to the government, or, in exceptional cases, (3) . Definition of certainty in English: certainty.

noun mass noun.

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1 Firm conviction that something is the case. ‘she knew with absolute certainty that they were dead’ ‘I trust with absolute certainty that compassion is the only possible response to pain.’.

Note that you are always best to be honest when indicating your certainty: if you claim high certainty (C=3: red) when you don't think it is justified, you will expect to do badly - .

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