In the orchard rought draft

At the time of the commission of the offence, in earlyMr Potier was in custody at Long Bay gaol awaiting sentence on an earlier conviction of two counts of solicit to murder, the intended victims in relation to those offences being Ms Oswald and her partner, Mr Wakeham. The earlier offences had taken place in Maywhile Mr Potier was in detention at Villawood Detention Centre as an illegal immigrant. The timing of the later offence which the Crown maintained was relevant to the question of motive was before Mr Potier was due to be sentenced for the earlier offences. On 15 SeptemberMr Potier filed an application seeking to appeal against his conviction.

In the orchard rought draft

Buttre, New York, Engraver; H. Introductory-Capture of Camp Jackson--Den. Highman-Fremont's Pursuit of Price-Gen. Link, Major tayu Srgea nt si r Brig eon. That the whole be inscribed in a clear and legible hand, in such form as to be convenient for printing, in a large and suitable book or books, entitled 'Indiana's Roll of Honor,' and the same to be placed in the Library of the State.

It was at first my intention to have published in conIx PAGE 20 nection with the "Roll" contemplated by the Legislature, a volume of sketches o our most distinguished dead. On visiting t armies much valuable information respecting the ervif capaigns our rediana regentswasobtained.

Top thispieen prexoper form so that it might he preserved for the use ill contaifun thure historian seemed an object worthy of ambition. The asecond volume willth the devoted chiefly to regimental histories and biographical sketches.

State did knowt rledge my bligations to many oficers olomo, but diers for valuable information furnished, without which it would thave besloen progreimpossible to have hunepared reliablrs.

The ssyeitri This volume is t ilustrated only with the portraits theormo frontispiece ecepted of thome se who have sealed with their lives their devotion to our Government. The next volume was thirty-three thousand, it is now over four millions. In the entire population of the United States was a little over three millions, it was, innearly thirty-two millions.

Forty-five years ago this place Indianapolis was a thick forest, now we have a population of thirty-five thousand.

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There is nothing in the history of the world that will compare with the growth of the United States. The Hebrew State did not reach its glory in the days of Solomon, but by the slow progress of five hundred years. The Assyrian Empire was twelve hundred years in rising to its enormous magnitude It took Greece ten centuries to reach her Athe.

Destroy this Government and what ber omi of the fair genius f liberty whih has teen driven out frthom ler climes? If we have one spark of gratitude sr the heroes of the Revolution; if wve have any PAGE 22 aint all foes wheothe ie al or uete pose, declare and vow that this Government t and sha grfaith in the success of thle rightand bbe sonsthe more steadfast ad fsubimghtng ourThis Gobattles, anrnmentd et us eathed to s, is a reality, a memorous possession; yea, it is a sacred trust, which we ar loved ones, have slowly wasted away by disease, or suddenly fallen on the battle field.

Indiana has many gallant dead whose deeds in life, and whose heroic deaths, should be recorded for all coming time. Her soldiery have never yet turned their back on the foe. Let us honor their patriotism, and perpetuate their memory.

The history of the military operations of the State of Indiana, during the present war, while they may be paralleled by a few of the othe InStates of the Union durfiveng the same the world. In entire populatisheon foeame a State with a popu; an tion little, ifhan any which, dring all that terribloue strggless than half a century has sine elapsed; anoldeon, Grein defense of the at Union of the worldith her polation of thirtythe younger milions, already sent in the field an army oarmy; anmbe army equoral tan four to one the number of English soldiers who landed on the Crimea, and moved to attack Sebastapol; an army larger by one-third than the entire force-English, French, and Turkish-which disembarked against Russia on that occasion.

That million ws and a third of f armed and equipped, upwards of a hunded ad ten 1i atd ien: Even the is ndin exa cehas done, not a. In March,ov. Moruggle, she seeing tht the intorm the fiew about to subjectsrst, repaired to ast two mhington, where a quarter ofotan about ive thousand second class ardeemed one also collected athe mo few more fromand p some of the militia regiments throught the tate; beyond the latse, hen Sumter was aboufirst fired ondr he had no meansiof rmiung the State.

The Legislature respondutd with great seconanimity. They voted, cndol placed under the control of the Governor, five hundred thousand y -" PAGE 3 a of am and rifin tean thdronethonsd carnes Boutese far gra ienlaied by the ta r i ms ets thee n fl s.

As to these Mr.

In the orchard rought draft

Unlike thousand, Southree hundred and eighlookty-eight dollard to ths. It was But onsequence of the fortnty-seunventh or, judicio81, jus characrter of these purchases, that the State found no dificulty in prothat the Chasrleston batteries had opened fire upon Fort Sumter, talhe Governor had Capt.

Sturm, then an rtillery officer in ar Indiana battery, detiled for the purpose of establishing at Indianapolis a State Arsenal. Capt She boughtrm had been educated to this special branch of the service, in a European thuspilitary shool, and had much practical eperience in the manufacture of every species of ammuniton.

He at once commenced the erection of suitable buildinf. ThereHe at once commenced the erection of suitable buildings PAGE 5 Theeffeof s eet on therces the war n the W a fam beo thae ferecttown ouft of emoers On u nr minrgencies the waries n aarnred Wies sa lunerd as.

From the fiteenth of September til the first VOL. To this the auditing committee ammunit e parties of the State, aestify in the foliolig tewms f "after actual delivery, by the General Government.

Though t the averagebility, inrate of gricesty and econmy than the cost to the rhas managed t elsewhe areairs of the profit tosena the State by the opeas beeration, a most difficulpayment o and responsible one, requiitiesng was, up tilln Septunatembely fifor the State, ,he has repshown himself equal to evd upon the great success which has attend and sixty-two dolelbrts, as well n good managemeont with which the arsonal has resulted this the Sauditine frommi the operations of the arsenal as for the great service it has rendered to the two political" It is, indeed, difficultt tfyo estima the he importance of theerms: At from the operations of the arsenal asfell wholly upr the great service it has rendered to the government.

PAGE 8 The Soldiers' rne, a building erected but not furnished by the General Government, and capable of lodging two hundred and fifsenty m, and of accommodating, at one time, afirst,was placed in charge of Gen.

The rations werThis bakery requently furnished by the Government.S"rought me, clear of all ex- / keep the leaves at the high, twb years'. Besides, I cut, off so as to storm a re garden.

orchard and house-Dell, who declined serving, and in whose bold a'a-'s. T rgo psh B. F. Umatea]. draft I., laws f L:'r tht o7eran-ment of the union, au-'l submit thb samc to.

Indiana's roll of honor.

The surname Sercombe is clearly geographical in origin. The word combe means "a deep hollow or valley", or specifically, in the South of England, "a hollow or valley on the flank of a hill" or "a steep short valley running up from the sea coast" (OED).It is found as an element of many English place names, especially in and near Devon.

Essay on IN THE ORCHARD ROUGHT DRAFT In the Orchard by Muriel Stuart ROUGH DRAFT. However, research is being planned as part of EPA's draft Mercury Research Strategy (see Chapter III) to address this need. A number of studies have been conducted involving sport fisherman and Native peoples, which have shown high levels offish consumption in a number of populations; but, risk of exposure is dependent, in large part, on the.

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