Levi strauss company and google are partnering to create smart clothing technology

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Levi strauss company and google are partnering to create smart clothing technology

The company gutted an 80,square-foot Kmart--but enticing rows of clothes and electronics wasn't part of the plan.

Project Jacquard scheduled for fall 2016 introduction at retail.

The idea of Mygofer was to have shoppers place their orders at computers at the front of the store, then pick up their goods at a delivery bay out back.

Sears chief executive Edward Lampertwho was chairman at the time, hoped to roll out hundreds of the stores if the experiment succeeded. But in the four years it was open, Mygofer notched an unusual distinction: On some days, more people returned goods than bought them. Shoppers were thrown by the format.

During an interview, Mr. Lampert acknowledged that "going to a store where there were no products may have been weird for shoppers.

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Shuttered inMygofer might be written off as just another failed retail experiment. The ill-fated project, meanwhile, has only fueled Mr.

Lampert's desire to ramp up new technologies--even as he curtails some of the mundane investments needed to keep a giant retailer rolling. As the holiday season unfolds, Sears faces some harsh realities. The company's total revenue has been declining sincein part because it was closing stores and spinning off divisions like Lands' End.

Excluding closed stores, sales were essentially flat in the most recent quarter. Significantly, the company once known for its Kenmore washers and ovens has slipped in the key appliance category.

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As recently asSears sold four of every 10 major appliances in the U. While Sears still holds the top share of retail appliance sales, its lead has narrowed dramatically. As of September, Sears had a Craig Johnsonpresident of the retail consultancy Customer Growth Partners, says that experiments like Mygofer are a diversion from Sears's overarching problems: Department-store chains from Macy's Inc.

Both of those retailers, however, are profitable, giving them more breathing room.

Google + Levi’s Come Together to Tackle Wearable Technology

Macy's, for example, is reconfiguring the back areas of its stores to turn them into distribution centers that can ship products ordered online. But few retail chiefs have been as aggressive as Mr. Lampert in limiting investments at physical stores.Brand-name businesses—including clothing companies Nike Inc., Gap Inc., Guess and Levi Strauss & Co., and tech firms Adobe Systems, Nokia Corp.

and HP Inc.—are setting the goals as part of a partnership launched by the United Nations and environmental groups. Prior to joining DCVC, Ms. Xin worked at McKinsey & Company, where she advised executive teams on company-defining decisions, including data and technology strategy and M&A.

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Levi strauss company and google are partnering to create smart clothing technology

The company has developed TCHOSource, a unique partnership program that connects the TCHO to its sourcing cooperatives around the world through technology.

The use of technology throughout the supply chain helps increase the quality, productivity, and sustainability of the chocolate production.

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Abraham, J.H. Pleasure and Morals leaves. A partnership between Alphabet's Google and Levi Strauss could be a sign of things to come. Smart Clothing Technology. The company also sells "athletic recovery sleepwear," pajamas that.

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