Life changes when getting into college

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Life changes when getting into college

Did you see our brand new 21 Days of Pilates challenge? Just 10 minutes per day. Sign up right here! I sat on my couch with a giant pile of laundry next to me.

Another day had come and gone and I had barely been able to keep up. I was Life changes when getting into college cleaning up. When I thought about my days and how I spent my time, all I saw were piles of dishes, an endless mountain of laundry, and picking up toys and books and markers and jackets and shoes and empty water bottles and paper artwork.

I chose stay-at-home motherhood because I felt like this is where I was supposed to be — home with my kids. Yet, I never spent time truly with them. I had to keep moving or the house and the day would collapse.

When I did press pause and spend some time with my kids, it felt like I had to pay the price — catching up on housework; making up for the time I missed living my life.

This made me lose my desire to even play with them. What was the point if I was just going to get more behind, more stressed out? All this work was simply to keep the house functioning.

I was that student in school who stays up all night studying and gets a C. I was trying so hard! I asked other moms, friends, and people I respected if this was normal, how they managed their homes and kids, and if they felt like they enjoyed it.

In that moment, I had had enough. What I did next set my life on a new course, and it never went back to the way it was. I went into the playroom — the room that was the bane of my existence.

This was a room full of colorful bins, each bin full of toys. There were toys on the floor, in chests, in boxes, toys everywhere. I would send my kids in here to play and they would come out less than ten minutes later complaining of boredom.

Life changes when getting into college

I started working through the room, making piles — keep, trash, donate. If I was going to clean up it was going to be the things that added to our lives; it was going to be only the things we needed and the things we truly loved. When I was finished, all that remained were trains and tracks, a couple of dress up costumes, books, and blocks.

The trunk of my car was overstuffed with toys to take to Goodwill, my playroom was purged, and I immediately felt lighter.

I stepped out of the room, poured myself a cup of coffee, and sat on the couch. To my surprise, my kids played in that room that day for three hours. They continued to want to be in their playroom for long amounts of time from then on. They started going outside more often, making up stories and scenarios together, playing tag, and creating art.

It was as if I had unclogged their God-given gift of imagination when I got rid of their toys. I took my purging into other areas of the house — the dishes, the clothes, the drawers and cupboards — and our whole home-life continued to transform.

My depression lifted and never came back. This was abundant life in motherhood; I could feel it. So why did de-cluttering give me so much freedom? How does losing my stuff have anything to do with my depression and general lack of joy in my motherhood?

Studies show a direct link between the amount of physical possessions in a house and the stress level of the female homeowner. This same study also found that women subconsciously relate how happy they are with their home-life and family to how they feel about their homes.

So the more clutter and chaos in the home, the less happy the woman is with her family and her life.Nothing Changes Until You Do: A Guide to Self-Compassion and Getting Out of Your Own Way [Mike Robbins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

After three years of living his dream as a professional baseball pitcher.

JCPS survey: Leadership is strong, but trust lacking

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Life changes when getting into college

Do read till end! 1) You never know when you will become famous due to your efforts on something, So keep on trying.

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