Mary queen of scots essay questions

Consequently, the family became financially unstable and they were frequently forced to move during Wollstonecraft's youth. Moreover, he was apparently a violent man who would beat his wife in drunken rages.

Mary queen of scots essay questions

How to Write a Summary of an Article? In — to what extent was the government of England dysfunctional in the mid-Tudor period?

In the context of the years to to what extent was the government of England dysfunctional in the mid-Tudor period? During the Tudor Dynasty it is easily thought that the years between and were ones of crisis.

With the succession of a child and the first woman within England, people have assumed that the years between Henry VIII and Elizabeth I were an unproductive interlude. The mid Tudor period is seen as negative years within the Tudor Dynasty. We will write a custom essay sample on In — to what extent was the government of England dysfunctional in the mid-Tudor period?

Therefore it could be seen that people believed the years of crisis were at their most dysfunctional between the years This supports the description of the mid-Tudor period being dysfunctional. Mary queen of scots essay questions was responsible for a lasting picture of Mary as it fitted prejudices of a confident.

Under these circumstances it was not surprising that the period — were marked by disasters. However historians such as David Loades, Jennifer Loach and Robert Tittler stress that there was much creativity in the period. Government under Duke of Northumberland and Mary continued to be effective; also there was continuity in religious beliefs and some foreign policy successes.

Also the death of the next heir to the throne, Arthur Tudor, inElizabeth I and the Pilgrimage of Grace,the greatest rebellion that threatened England during the reign of Henry VIII, which would have caused the monarchy more concern then the alleged Mid-Tudor crisis.

Above all this however, was the Spanish Armada in during the reign of Elizabeth I.

The Taming of the Queen - Philippa Gregory

The Spanish Armada threatened national security. Revisionist views of this period have already questioned the presence of a dysfunctional government during the reigns of the Mid-Tudors. Historians such as S. J Lee and D. Loades argue that other parts of the Tudor regime were crisis ridden and that the Mid-Tudor period was relatively stable in comparison.

When it came to foreign policy, Henry VII was far less extravagant than his son. His main weaknesses in his foreign policy were not helped by the successive losses of his family members, firstly his son Arthur in and then his wife Elizabeth in He then failed to re-marry and achieve stronger diplomatic relations outside of England following the death of Elizabeth creating a weak government in England.

Also the death of Isabella of Castile was another problem for Henry as he would have Ferdinand as his rival instead of an ally over territorial gains in Europe and in the New World. The later years of Henrys foreign policy were definitely his most challenging and difficult period of foreign affairs allowing the government to be weak and therefore vulnerable to a crisis.

His son, Henry VIII was a commanding figure who immediately set about wanting to gain respect and authority in Europe. The first period was at the beginning of his reign, inHenry enforced a policy of aggressive and glorious warfare, this policy allowed invasions to occur within in France and Scotland.

He was victorious within both invasions however it was an expensive policy to initiate. The second time period was during the yearsthis is when Henry, yet again, wanted more glory and domination over foreign affairs. This period of foreign policy was extremely expensive and came at a great financial cost.

The gaining of Boulogne and loss of military personnel, costing? Therefore Henry VIII weakened the government for his sons reign which could have created a crisis, this supports that the mid-Tudor period was highly influenced by previous successors allowing any dysfunction to be partially blamed outside the years As Edward was a minor, his two Lord Protectors, firstly the Duke of Somerset and later Northumberland advised Edward with his decisions.

The rebellions were part of a mixture of religious and social upheaval. With Lord Somerset ruling at the beginning of Edwards reign, England yet again was at war with Scotland; however this time was without royal approval.

Somerset funded his efforts against Scotland with money from the debased coinage. The economy within England suffered from inflation after the debasement of the coinage. Inan Act was passed regulating the manufacture of wool to try and encourage trade.

The inflationary pressures increased due to a poor harvest in This led to unrest within the country that then provoked uprisings the following year in Cornwall and Devon. Due to the rebellions, this period under the ruling of Somerset it would be seen to be leading towards a crisis.

To do this, the expenditure would be reduced to fund the campaigns in France and Scotland. This was seen as an achievement as Cecil managed to gain extra revenue out of the Church.

Northumberland on the other hand, helped by Walter Mildmay, the Treasurer, reorganised the governments finances which involved the stopping of debasement and pulling England out of conflicts with France and Scotland. This progress continued in to Mary I reign and then without Mary I, Elizabeth could never have completed the process of recoinage.Bemused visitors from foreign countries who had no idea what was going on were dragged in front of the cameras to give the “tourist” opinion.

News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. "Mary Hamilton," or "The Fower Maries" ("The Four Marys"), is a common name for a well-known sixteenth-century ballad from Scotland based on an apparently fictional incident about a lady-in-waiting to a Queen of Scotland.

It is Child Ballad and Roud In all versions of the song, Mary Hamilton is a personal attendant to the Queen of Scots, but precisely which queen is not specified.

Mary queen of scots essay questions

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