Procter and gamble market research

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Procter and gamble market research

Noxell Corporation, maker of Noxema products and Cover Girl cosmetics, is acquired. Max Factor and Betrix cosmetic and fragrance lines are bought from Revlon, Inc.

Pantene Pro-V shampoo is introduced. Major restructuring is launched, involving 13, job cuts and 30 plant closures. Company acquires Tambrands, Inc. Organization restructuring is launched.

Premium pet food maker Iams Company is purchased. Jif peanut butter and Crisco shortening brands are divested. Company acquires a controlling interest in German hair-care firm Wella AG. The Great Depression caused hardship for many U.

Despite its premium price, Tide remained the number one laundry detergent into the 21st century.

Procter and gamble market research

In Cheer was introduced as bluing detergent, and over the years other laundry products were also marketed: Dash inDowny inBold inAriel an overseas brand inEra inand Solo in The s were highly profitable for the company.

Researchers at the company and at Indiana University developed the toothpaste using stannous fluoride—a compound of fluorine and tin—which could substantially reduce cavities. In the American Dental Association endorsed Crest, and the product was on its way to becoming the country's number one toothpaste, nudging past Colgate in In it bought the Lexington, Kentucky-based nut company W.

He was replaced by Howard Morgens who, like his predecessor, had climbed the corporate ladder from the advertising side. Morgens remained CEO until A new process developed in the late s for drying wood pulp led to the introduction of White Cloud toilet paper inand Puffs tissues in The product consisted of three parts: Test market results showed that parents liked the diapers, but disliked the 10 cents-per-Pamper price.

Pamper's three-layer design was a phenomenal success, and within 20 years disposable diapers had gone from less than 1 percent to more than 75 percent of all diapers changed in the United States.

The company expanded its food business by entering the coffee market through the acquisition of the Folgers brand and by introducing the stackable Pringles potato chips, which were shipped in resealable cans, in In the late s public attention to water pollution focused on phosphates, a key group of ingredients in soap products.

In Edward G. Many familiar products were improved during the s, and new ones were added as well, including Bounce fabric softener for the dryer in and Sure antiperspirant and Coast soap in Inhowever, the Centers for Disease Control CDC published a report showing a statistical link between the use of Rely and a rare but often fatal disease known as toxic shock syndrome TSS.

The company's Always brand pads quickly garnered market share, and by Always was the top sanitary napkin, with over one-fourth of the market. He had been president since Smale led the company further into the grocery business through a number of acquisitions, including Ben Hill Griffin citrus products.

The logo began to reappear on some packages in the early s, and the company continued to use the trademark on corporate stationary and on its building. Computerized market research including point-of-sale scanning also provided the most up-to-date information on consumer buying trends.

In the company restructured its brand-management system into a "matrix system. The restructuring also eliminated certain layers of management, quickening the decision-making process.

The company became more aware of profitability than in the past. A company spokesperson summed it up for Business Week: We get the share and the profits will follow.

Procter and gamble market research

In the late s healthcare products were one of the fastest-growing markets as the U. In the company acquired Blendax, a European health- and beauty-care goods manufacturer. The Bain de Soleil sun care-product line was also purchased that year. By foreign markets accounted for nearly 40 percent of group sales, up from 14 percent in This value orientation resulted in stronger performance by private labels, especially in health and beauty aids.

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Private labels' market share of that segment grew 50 percent between andto 4. The pricing strategy was good for consumers, but was compensated for with lower promotion deals for wholesalers.Procter and Gamble maintains a strong focus on its market share, as this is a key factor for success in the Consumer Staples sector in which they compete in.

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MASON, Ohio -- Color-coded dots fill the monitor like static on an old TV. Each dot is a point-in-time snapshot of a human skin-cell gene. Procter & Gamble Co. researchers collected millions of. Today's Research Daily features new research reports on 17 major stocks, including Procter & Gamble (PG), AbbVie (ABBV), McDonald's (MCD) and AbbVie (PEP).

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