Sin tax bill 2 essay

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Sin tax bill 2 essay

They are simply a form of excise tax. What, then, is an excise tax?

Sin tax bill 2 essay

It is a tax levied on some but not on all commodities. This is how it differs from the general sales tax, which is levied on all products with certain minor exceptions.

This means that it is levied in addition to the sales tax. Excise taxes have a long history. Remember the infamous salt tax under the French monarchy? There was the notorious tax on tea which was levied in the American colonies, which led to the Boston Tea Party and prepared the way for the American Revolution.

Students of American history will recall Sin tax bill 2 essay Whisky Insurrection, which occurred during the administration of George Washington. This rebellion grew out of resentment over an excise tax on whisky.

The long run effect of an excise tax is a reduction in the supply of the commodity on which the tax is levied. This in turn tends to lead to an increase in the price that consumers have to pay.

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How does this work itself out? If those who market the item continue to produce it in the same quantity, they will not be able to put up the price. If the consumers had been willing to pay the original price plus the tax, the producers could successfully have charged that amount in the absence of the tax.

This would show that they had been charging less than the traffic would bear. And why not charge more for the product? After all, would they not have been taking advantage of any inelasticities of demand before the imposition of the tax?

So, if they continue to sell the same amount of the product on the market with the newly imposed tax, they will be unable to get any more than the old price.

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Since this price will not compensate them for the now higher costs of doing business, some firms will have to reduce the supply of the goods in question.

The exiting of marginal firms from the industry as a result of the higher taxes contributes to the reduction of supply. This highlights the fact that producers do not directly control the prices at which their products will sell. Supply and demand determine the selling prices.

It is only by altering the supply or the demand that they are able to modify the price. And for all practical purposes we can rule out increasing demand as a means to offset higher production costs.

Because if manipulating demand was possible, they would have done so before the increase in production costs. So what changes the price is the diminution in the supply of the commodity. And, of course, this decrease in supply means that less of the article will be consumed. What, then, are we to think of excise taxes?

That depends, to no small degree, upon what we think of taxes in general.

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What is their purpose? Generally, it is to raise revenue for the government. In that case, we have to ask ourselves whether we want the government to have that revenue. The purpose of this revenue is to finance government spending. It is the spending rather than the removal of the money from our pockets that constitutes the main problem.

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Those goods and services—not the pieces of paper that pay for them—are the real cost of government to the taxpayers. The remaining money would be sufficient to buy the same amount of goods and services because of the consequent reduction in prices.

All the economist can do is to point out these costs. Whether they are worth bearing is a judgment call of another sort.

But here is a fact which escapes the notice of most people. It is not the case that the goods and services delivered by the government are in addition to the goods and services that were available before the government spending.

They are instead of goods and services that would be otherwise available.| An Examination of the Use of Sin Taxes in the United States | By: Stacy Madden4/27/ | Executive Summary Historically sin taxes have been an effective and efficient way .


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Disagreements over taxes: Hamilton instituted a tax on whiskey, It was a sin tax and a revenue raiser, it was much cheaper to transport and sell whiskey that corn and made more money Strength of Constitution: GW class 12, soldiers and leads them to PA to put down the farm rebellion, some were arrested and 2 sentenced to death (pardoned.

The Taxing and Spending Clause (which contains provisions known as the General Welfare Clause) and the Uniformity Clause, Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution, grants the federal government of the United States its power of authorizing Congress to levy taxes, this clause permits the levying of .

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