Thesis on automobile industry in india

Auto Industry Performance in India By:

Thesis on automobile industry in india

It is an assembly industry. The industry basically depends upon iron and steel and many other materials for assembly and trimming. These materials are manufactured in different factories which are often widely scattered.

The industry manufactures motorcycles, scooters, three wheelers, cars, buses, trucks, tractors, jeeps, military vehicles etc. The industry has witnessed rapid strides with time.

Essay title: Auto Industry Performance in India

This industry has been revolutionized in matters of model, shape, speed, carrying capacity, amenities etc. Speedy luxurious bullet proof cars with communication facilities have entered the market.

A large number of companies are manufacturing different types of automobiles both for civil and defence uses. Manufacturing of cars for racing competitions are a special creation of the industry. The industry has advanced on account of certain factors. Development of iron and steel and other industries.

Improvement in the standard of living of the people. Discovery, mining and availability of oil. Development of science and technology. Cordial world relations have encouraged international trade in automobiles. Availability of skilled labour. Need for bridging distances between the countryside and urban centres, increase in passenger traffic, need for quick transport of perishable commodities like milk, vegetables etc.

Need for military preparedness has also helped in accelerating demand for different types of vehicles or automobiles. General increase in the world population has also played an important role in creating demand for automobiles the entire world over. Automobile industry is a highly specialized, technical, sophisticated and expensive industry.

Thesis on automobile industry in india

Since the sizes, models and purposes of automobiles keep on changing with time and purchasing power, so does the industry. It has to cater to the demand of the people.

Automobile industry is young in India. Its origin dates back to India inmade the start of automobile industry at Mumbai. InFord Motor Co. India undertook to assemble cars and trucks in Chennai.Dr.

D. P. Mishra, Associate Professor, Department of Mining Engineering has been awarded with the prestigious MEAI- Smt.

Thesis on automobile industry in india

Bala Tandon Memorial Award by the Mining Engineers' Association of India (MEAI) for his contribution in improving Ecology and Environment in Mining and Mineral Industries. Read this Business Essay and over 88, other research documents.

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Indian auto industry, in spite of minor and random setbacks to expansion. We hope that this report will contribute to the increased Indian participation in the global auto industry. INDUSTRY AND TRADE, The Size of the Business Unit or Establishment, p.

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