Travel writing awards canada

Below we list common questions we receive about the award which may help you in submitting your entry. Over the first seven awards, we have had an average of posts per award.

Travel writing awards canada

Below is the list of categories and description for entry. Best Family Feature A family feature is one that revolves around activities done by a family or one of its members, e. Perhaps a profile of a city with a lively microbrewery scene, a look at the unique ingredients used in Peruvian food, or an interview with a local chef who is famous for his homemade charcuterie.

Best French Language Feature This must be a story that, if it were in English, could be submitted in one of these four categories: The purpose of this restriction is to focus on stories where the writing quality and the strength of the narrative are the two key elements, so that the judging may be done uniformly across all entries.

The feature must be written, by the author, in French. It may be a translation of an English-language story, but the translation must be done by its author, not by the newspaper or magazine in which it appears. Best Service Feature A service feature is one whose primary purpose is to provide practical information, e.

The key to winning this award is to have a subject that may seem mundane, but is presented in a creative, entertaining manner. Best Spirit of Canada This category is devoted to those articles that bring Canada, its landscape, its culture and its people alive on the page.

The point is to find inventive ways to bring the Canadian experience to life. This is the category by Canadians about Canadians for Canadians. We say take your best shot. Photography The work will be judged on composition, technical quality and ability to evoke a place, moment or sentiment: Best Action Photo Action photographs depict actual physical activity taking place in a travel locale, such as fly-fishing in Alberta, snowboarding in Switzerland, or Thai boxers competing in Bangkok.

travel writing awards canada

The background should help put the action itself in a travel context, but does not take precedence over the action itself. Best Photo Series Multiple photos a minimum of four can either illustrate an accompanying article, or could be presented as a slideshow of images to independently tell a compelling travel story.

The images should be linked thematically and presented as a series. Best People Photo People photographs depict an aspect of culture, life or society, as perceived through the image of an individual or group.

The person or people shown should clearly relate to a travel destination.The best credit cards for Canadians. From best overall, cashback, fixed rewards, cash back, travel, no fee to the best cards for carrying a fixed balance.

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List of tourism & travel magazines and journals with free online content. Industry Career Opportunity for Manager, Travel and Lifestyle Media, Tourism Victoria Manager, Travel and Lifestyle Media Position Available Tourism Victoria is a rapidly growing, dynamic, and successful.

About the Photo. This photo was taken in Jasper National Park Canada. a 7 km hike in to celestene lake.

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This lake is along the way called princes lake. O Canadiana: We travel Canada + the world in search of quirk. Bradford Kammin’s fiction has appeared in The Gettysburg Review, Arts & Letters, the Cimarron Review, and elsewhere, and has been recognized in The Best American Short Stories anthology’s list of distinguished stories.

travel writing awards canada

He is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s MFA program in creative writing, where he was awarded six Hopwood Awards for his short stories, novel, and nonfiction.

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