Unit 16 moodle assignment 2015

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Unit 16 moodle assignment 2015

After all, it is very accommodating to busy adults that have full-time jobs and families. I like that I can complete my work at my own, very delayed pace. The online format suits my introverted personality quite well.

I have done this multiple times, and although I hated myself for procrastinating so much, I appreciated and I was grateful to the university for allowing the practice though, in hindsight, this was a perfectly fair transaction.

Until today, after weeks of preparation to write my mid-term exam, I was ready for it; Saturday, Oct. I drive downtown and get to my usual parking spot at about quarter after 8.


I pay for my parking and I head over to the building. I am certain it is along the train tracks though. I resort to checking the address on my archaic phone.

At this point, I still have about 5 more minutes before the exam. Turns out, the Athabasca University has moved to the other end of downtown.

I run to get to my car, I drive to the other side, takes me about minutes tops. In the meantime, I am trying to call the school, to perhaps, let someone know I am running late, or to ask for directions, just something…. I finally find an empty street row and I park there. I get to the pay station and the machine informs me I can only park there for a maximum of 1 hour my exam is 3 hours.

I get into my car again and drive around some more. I spot the underground parking at the Bow Valley College. My parking ticket says 9: After endless circles in the underground parking, I find a spot.

I dash out of my car, climb out of the parkade and run to the nearest door into the building. That one is just an exit door. I run around the corner to another set of doors. Those are looked as well! Meanwhile, a police officer is pointing at the doors further to my right from across the street.

I make my way to the 6th floor and enter into the first office I spot. I explain to the gentleman sitting there that I am late for my test, not expecting that the University had relocated.The minimum qualification of a person performing WTL entries is experience as Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, or Class 4 Flight Instructor Rating, or written approval from the Maintenance Manager.

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Unit 16 moodle assignment 2015

You are at lap 40 of a lap race and the pressure is mounting.

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