Writing a tic tac toe program in c++

Posted October 20, by Spyros in Python Programming 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python Programming If you are new to Python programming or in computer programming in general, it would certainly be important for you to get some information on the advantages and disadvantages of the language and understand why would somebody want to use it. In this post, i will not enter into the technical details of the language nor use fancy words to describe you some of the language specifics.

Writing a tic tac toe program in c++

In this tutorial, i will be showing you how to create a small console based game. It is a mastermind variant where you are given a number and you are then asked to guess whether the next number is going to be higher or lower. I actually created this game in about minutes, so it is actually feasible to write such a small game in a really short period of time.

Each time you will be given a number of the range As simple as that. Is the next number higher write H or lower write L? Game is now over! This is a very simple number guessing game.

The objective of the game is to guess whether the next number is going to be higher or not. As simple as that You have the ability to make no more than 3 mistakes before you lose, so guess wisely. You are starting with number 5.

The new number is 8 L Correct! The new number is 7 L Correct! The new number is 6 L Correct! The new number is 4 H Wrong, you made a mistake! The new number is 3 L Correct! The new number is 1 H Correct! The new number is 10 L Correct! The new number is 2 H Wrong, you made a mistake!

You had 8 correct guesses before the game was over This game is pretty easy to create as you can see. First of all, we declare the important variables that help us preserve the state of the game. This way, we know how many mistakes the user made and how many correct guesses they had.

writing a tic tac toe program in c++

We utilize a do — while loop to start asking the user for H or L. Then, there is also another do — while that is used to pick a random number ranged from 0 to We use this loop so that we are sure that the next number which is randomly selected is not the same as the previous one.

Then, after we pick the next number, we start checking against this new value and the previous one, based on what the user provided us with as input H for higher, L for lower. After the checking is over, we increment the correct or wrong counter and make the current nextNum the new prevNum that is used for the next iteration.

The do — while loop keeps going on till 3 mistakes are made. Of course, you can change that, or better yet declare it to be a constant value.


I kept it simple in this example. In the end, we get a report of our ingame progress. Of course, you could take it even further by designing a statistics system that will trace and store your answers, keep highscores and more.

I would actually like to get a copy of the program where highscores are included, so if anybody has the will to practice on that and develops it, please send it to me.

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I will definately publish it here.Windows Multimedia System In Win16 and Win32, Microsoft created a partially unified system for handling multimedia. This system consists of the high level Media Control Interface or MCI Application Programming Interface (API) and associated MCI drivers.

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writing a tic tac toe program in c++

Out of curiousity I wrote a Mandelbrot pixel shader in OpenGL GLSL. It took an afternoon, and was my first attempt at pixel shaders. The result is a spinning cube, with each face showing a zooming in and out mandelbrot set, with randomized palettes to make all the coloring look nice.

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Great write-up. Check out FreeBASIC. I recently wanted to quickly solve a problem with a BASIC with no learning.

Also started with QBasic. FreeBASIC looked from what vague memory recalls just like it with me picking it up in usable way in minutes.

One of the things that have always fascinated me in programming is coding a game. I believe that many programmers take up C++ in order to create their first game.

How to Write a Simple C++ Game in 15 Minutes | Programming Tips For Versatile Coders